Physics e-Books Page

(These books are provided to help students. We don’t own any of the below-linked books.)

Here, we offer physics e-books for classes 11th, 12th, and students free of cost.

e-books for B.Sc and M.Sc Students

Mathematical Physics

  1. Mathematical Methods in Physical Sciences by Mary L.Baos pdf
  2. Mathematical Physics by H.K Dass pdf
  3. Mathematical Physics Problems by SkJairuddin pdf
  4. Mathematical Physics by T. Vaughn pdf
  5. Matrices and Tensor by A.W. Joshi pdf
  6. Complex Variables by James Ward Brown pdf
  7. Higher Engineering Mathematics by H.K Dass pdf
  8. Mathematical Physics by Arfken and Weber pdf

Quantum Mechanics

  1. Quantum Mechanics by Ashok Das pdf
  2. Quantum Mechanics by David J Griffiths pdf
  3. Problems in QM with Solutions pdf
  4. Quantum Mechanics by Zettili pdf
  5. Griffith QM Solutions Pdf

Solid State Physics

  1. Solid State Physics By Charle Kittel pdf
  2. Solid State Physics by Puri and Babbar pdf


  1. Principles of Electronics by V.K. Mehta pdf
  2. Digital Electronics by Floyd and Jain pdf

Modern Physics

  1. Concept of Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser pdf

Electromagnetic Theory

  1. EMT by Griffith pdf
  2. Griffith EMT Solutions pdf

Classical Mechanics

  1. Classical Mechanics by J.C. Upadhyaya pdf

Statistical Mechanics

  1. Statistical Mechanics by B.B Laud pdf
  2. Statistical Mechanics by Satyaprakash pdf

Nuclear and Particle Physics

  1. Nuclear and Particle Physics by Brain Martin pdf

More to be updated very soon……