Internal exams are essential for B. Sc students as the marks obtained from internal exams will add to the certificates. Doing well in the internal exams will definitely enhance your cgpa or percentage. Here, we have provided you with some practice sets for internal exams of B. Sc physics honours students.

Internal Exams Practice sets

Ist semester

Mathematical Physics(I)

  1. Internal Exam1
  2. Internal Exam2


  1. Internal Exam1

2nd Semester

Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Internal Exam1
  2. Internal Exam1
  3. internal Exam3

Waves and optics

  1. Internal Exam1

3rd semester

Mathematical Physics(ii)

Thermal Physics

Analog system and applications

4th semester

Mathematical Physics (iii)

  1. Internal Exam1
  2. Internal Exam2
  3. Internal Exam3

Modern Physics

Digital Systems and applications

5th semester

Solid state physics

Quantum Mechanics

  1. Internal Exam1

Classical Dynamics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

6th semester

Statistical Mechanics

Electromagnetic Theory